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We had a chat with our in house artist Valerie Fab-Uche recently. Here are excerpts from the short interview.

Valerie started drawing when she was seven years old. She later started making comics and cartoons for her school newspaper. Ten years later, she took the decision to do art professionally and is currently studying “General Art” at Yaba College of Technology while also working with as an Intern at Bedouin.

What inspired this piece?

I’m in love with African culture, the people, the food, our colours, especially our way of life and clearly dance plays a huge part in our culture.

Why is it so important to you?

I’m an Igbo girl and this piece is a representation of my cultural heritage. In this painting the lady is showing her skills and as you can see she’s lost herself to dance, waving her handkerchiefs care freely and really doesn’t care who sees from the expression on her face.

How long did it take you to finish it?

This painting took me only an hour to create with the use of pastel on cardboard.

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  • Kudos Fab!!!! i just wanna say that your drawing clearly suggest to me that you’re good at what you do(Drawing). l trust with consistence you would make it beyond where my imagine can currently lead me.

  • imagination*

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