18 May

Customer Service

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Customer service is all around us and most of us engage in some type of customer service activities during our daily routines at work. We all encounter customer service when we go to a store, call a company on the phone or visit a business website.

However, being exposed to customer service doesn’t mean you know how to do it well or how to evaluate if you are receiving an acceptable level of customer service or not.

Who is a customer? A customer is the end user of a product or service. Also a party that is willing and able to buy a product or service.

What is service? Service is any duty or work done for another, helpful or professional activity. Service should provide the customer with more than a product.

Customer Service: Means making sure customers are satisfied and will continue to buy products or services of a company. This definition then means that everyone and anyone that has any contact with the customer all become a customer service representative.

Customer service is also the support provided to the customer before, during and after sale of goods or a service.

A customer service representative, whether they work with internal or external customers, do more than answer questions. They also provide technical assistance, protect customer’s privacy, provide customers with products and service that meets their needs and ensure customers feel they are getting good value for their money.


Customer service is the sum total of what an organization does to meet customer’s expectations and produce customer satisfaction.

Therefore, Customer Service is important if the organization still want to be in business because losing customers/clients for negative reasons will eventually lead to a going-out-of-business sale.

Types of customer

Internal and External customer

External Customers- These are clients that use/purchase from your business who have a choice /option who they buy from. The advertisements, marketing and services of an organization is directed towards these external customers. If they are unsatisfied they can look elsewhere for products/services.

As the marketing and advertisements targets these customers it would be wise to keep our clients than to always want to renew our customer/client base. Once a client is unsatisfied with our services, it would be twice as hard to bring them back and so, it would be better to support the existing clients and let them advertise for you.

Components of good External service

  • Create and maintain good image
  • Good internal customer service
  • Build relationships
  • Good manners and courtesy
  • Quick response to issues
  • Professionalism

Internal Service- This is the service provided to colleagues and other department within an organization, as well as vendors and anyone else an employee interacts with to get their job done. For example, when an employee asks for information regarding a project or call the human resource for information regarding vacation time that is internal customer service.

Basically, how an employee responds to internal request reflects how an external customer’s issues are handled.

So, if we want to provide world class external service, we will start with providing great internal customer service to employees and vendors.

Customer service is quite broad but I will stop here for now.

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