25 Dec

Oando Group Corporate Campaign

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An adaptation of the original we initially created but one that still packs a punch!

Our Motherland-Final

This Corporate Press ad is not typical of Nigerian Brands let alone one that is a major player in the usually conservative Oil & Gas industry. The execution is flawless and detailed. Client fell in love immediately and had this to say in the end: “we really liked the work developed and would like to continue working with you on more exciting briefs with the intention of running ads that break through the clutter and start to really define the Oando brand as truly audacious.”


The Original Execution:

Our Motherland-Original

The Brief:

AFRICA ALL WEEK, a gathering of the leading Oil & Gas Exploration companies across the world is about to take place in South Africa and Oando Plc commissioned us to create an ad that would feature in the event publication.

The communications objectives were to create an ad that tells the story of an indigenous company, mentions the opportunities that abound in Africa and help “communicate Oando as a right investment to investors and as an indigenous Independent oil and gas company, with world class operations and standards.”

Creative Rationale:

A figurative use of the word “Explore” which ironically derives from ‘Exploration’ – a common terminology of the Oil & Gas sector. The main emphasis however was to play up the message consisting subtle yet dramatic elements such as a compelling image of a woman made up with very dramatic dark skin tones representing ‘The Motherland’, Africa. Her hair is adorned with two colourful circular-shaped hairpieces and is coiffed in a quirky, yet elaborate manner typical of Africans with several streaks of colour – Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow – all present within the Brand’s identity. Her pose is suggestive and calm – an invitation to enjoy the ever-flowing opportunities present within the African continent, especially in the Oil & Gas sector.




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