18 Sep

Oando Internal Campaign 2013

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We developed these posters for Oando Plc as part of their internal campaign informing all Oando staff that a new and updated version of Oracle will soon be up and running.

The Brief

The Oando IT department plans to introduce Oracle Release 12 or Oracle R12 – an improvement from Release 11, which is currently in use. The general feeling amongst staff is that this is a nightmare to use, frustrating and has led to many late nights in the office.

The upgrade is better and comes with the following benefits:

1. Self-generating reports

2. Professional visual style

3. Reduced popups

4. Streamlined work flows



It is often said that “Change is the only constant thing in life!”

It is therefore not surprising that the world continues to witness dramatic changes in every sphere of life.

The office environment is not left out as companies are compelled to move at pace with technology. The result helps to create more dynamism and efficiency at the workplace.

Oracle is one of the world’s leading companies. Their business solutions are deployed in several leading corporations. It is only fitting that one of their solutions is in use at a top company like Oando Plc.

Oracle R12 is an upgrade on the earlier version 11, which, for all intents and purposes, has passed its sell-by date. It promises improved performances in the processes.



The idea is therefore to split the communications in three distinct phases:

Phase 1 (Tease):

This is the lead up to the release where communication encourages the staff to gear up for change.


Phase 2 (Introduction):

This is where the communication announces, to staff, the release and deployment of the software to aid better processes.




2013-09-30 11.01.06

Phase 3 (Sustenance):

This is where communication drills down on the benefits of the upgrade to its users, alluding to the unfulfilling experiences with the previous software.







Communication Style:

Since this is intended to communicate to virtually everyone that works at the company, making use of the software on a daily basis, it was important to make the communications humorous and emotive in terms of visuals and language. There’s also a need to make use of softer lexicon (deliberately avoiding certain technical ‘mumbo-jumbo’ often associated with IT). The communication gets its desired message across as concise as possible.


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